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“My Adventure” – Events Organizer Pro, was created through the love for sports in nature and the organizing of sports activities and events that combine the unique mountains of Epirus Greece, the unique natural environment and the urban landscape of Ioannina.

A few words about My Adventure

Starting in 2011, My Adventure counts a significant number of events in Epirus and in other regions, contributing to the development of mass sports in a natural environment, while at the same time contributing to the tourism and economic development of the region.

Since November 2017, the Anilio Ski Center (Anilio Metsovo) has been added to the Company’s potential with the name “Anilio Park“.

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Social and entertainment events

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Zagori Mountain Running

Zagori Mountain Running is an organization of mountain running races in the mountains of Tymfi and Zagori.

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Official Partners

Over the years, My Adventure has developed important and long-lasting partnerships. It is essentially about the valuable fellow travelers who support us every step of the way!